Importance of eating healthy

What would you prefer?

Would you eat healthy to lose weight or eat healthy to spend a quality life? You certainly don’t want to hit the hospital bed because of high cholesterol attributed to oily fried food! Yes, we all love fries and cheese balls and nuggets and the list goes on. Yet, we need to look at healthier options to satisfy and control our cravings. If you begin to change the motto of your life, everything will look different. Even the boring tasteless green tea will look appealing if you consider how good it is for your immune system. And hey, I am not stopping you from enjoying that cheese pizza all alone! I am simply telling you to make smarter, balanced food choices to live a healthy quality life!

eating healthy

Lifestyle changes to eat healthy

  1. Instead of option for a weight loss plan to lose/maintain weight, I would always prefer changing your lifestyle and making healthier choices. For instance, start with cutting on sugar. That is the first healthy choice you can opt for. Next, reserve at least 20 minutes from your busy schedule to exercise. Forget about searching for planks and crunches, start walking!
  2. Every time you crave crisp, think about an alternate option. What about air fryed zucchini crisps? Or maybe sweet potato fries? It will take to develop the taste for several new additions in your routine, but you will get used to it.
  3. The evening tea and oily snacks can be replaced with nuts in between meals. The idea here is to make changes to your lifestyle. You don’t want to feed your tummy something good only for 4 weeks. You want your efforts to leave an everlasting impact on your body.


eat healthy and stay hydrated
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If you talk about staying healthy, your goal will remain incomplete if you forget analyzing your water intake. Ditch the full-of-sugar juices. Drink water as much as you can. Add mint leaves and a slice of water to detox. And trust me, your internal state of health will soon begin to reflect via your outer body.

Let go medicines

Source: Baystate Health

Another important step to a healthy lifestyle is getting rid of medicines. Consume them when they are extremely necessary. Once you adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle where there is no heaps of spices and oil in your meals, you will automatically face lesser problems that requires serious medication.

Thus, eating healthy is a choice you must adopt. If you want to lead a quality life, you must alter your lifestyle. And this is only possible if you change what you eat, how you cook and how fit you are. For this reason, instead of resorting to strict diet plans, act smart. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, incorporate slow, healthier practices, and feel the difference.

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5 foods that will help in building immunity

Building immunity especially in the times of COVID is an important topic to consider. With an increase in the infected individuals around the globe and with no vaccine in existence, the only solution to protect yourself from the virus is building immunity. Here are some of the foods that you must incorporate in your eating pattern to strengthen your immune system:

Watermelon for building immunity

building immunity
Source: A healthier Michigan

Famous for its water content, the red pulpy area of the watermelon is full of the antioxidant called glutathione. It helps strengthen your immunity. Watermelon can been eaten as it is or can be added into a fruit salad. Another way to consume it is by enjoying a glass of fresh watermelon juice. Add few drops of lemon and increase its benefits.


eating yogurt and building immunity
Source: Serious Eats

Yogurt is a much trusted pro-biotic and low fat yogurt are known to ease cold. Yogurt is full of Vitamin D and is essential for healthy bones and a healthy immune system.


Spinach for immune system
Source: Medical News Today

Green leafy vegetables are famous for their antioxidant properties. This superfood has fiber and Vitamin C. Eat it raw or consume cooked spinach, it will do wonders for your immunity.


Broccoli for building immunity
Source: The Kitchn

Like watermelon, broccolis also have the antioxidant glutathione in it. And thus, it has Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the essential vitamins to boost the immune system. Broccoli helps develop the immunity against diseases.


Source: WebMD

Garlic is a well-known food item that is used to treat bodily infections. You can consume it in its raw form. It also helps to lower the levels of cholesterol.

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Postpartum weight loss

18 hours of labour and here I am, sitting in peace while my child sleeps. Well, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and it was a little less painful than what I experienced while giving birth. This is how it is; a little more effort, a little less stress. And that is the mantra of life!
I gained almost 20 kg in my pregnancy. Woah, that is way too much. And if like me, you belong to a desi family, you know how heartbreaking comments you receive. From kids to old men, I heard them all say how fat I became. I was grossed out at every moment I viewed my reflection. And above all, I was alone.
And this is the worst thing one could experience after child birth, being lonely! I had my spouse and my family but they were too busy with the happiness of the new arrival and too occupied by their other issues of concern. And in those times, I would cry for hours until it all began to fall in place. Well, not just like that!

Postpartum weight loss

The stretch marks over my tummy were scary. I was sweating most of the time. My stomach was flabby. Breastfeeding was terrible and my baby was a bad sleeper.
I was confused for long. I texted old friends and new moms. Nobody helped until I learned there were only two things that mattered; letting go and trusting your own self.
I took one moment at a time. Letting it go, I learnt to vent out to my mother. She would not understand I was depressed, but she was a good listener. I gave it some time and it was soon I saw I was losing weight.
6 weeks and I felt better and then I knew I had to resume life. I shopped for my baby and I cooked food for my family. Lighter meals at night was my new routine. I walked for half an hour every day and stayed hydrated. And above all, I knew it would take time.

Postpartum weight loss becomes easy when you learn patience. And trust me, time flies. The first six months are hard and then you ace it. On my child’s first birthday, I had lost about 15 kg. And I knew I wanted my body back. I was adamant on being healthy. Yes that is what you want; a healthy lifestyle. Once you decide to lose weight, you know how you want to go about it. No shortcuts and no slimming teas. There is no magic without a side effect that will promise you losing weight. Instead, it is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle. And this is the key to maintaining weight without any repercussions.

How was your journey of postpartum weight loss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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