18 hours of labour and here I am, sitting in peace while my child sleeps. Well, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and it was a little less painful than what I experienced while giving birth. This is how it is; a little more effort, a little less stress. And that is the mantra of life!
I gained almost 20 kg in my pregnancy. Woah, that is way too much. And if like me, you belong to a desi family, you know how heartbreaking comments you receive. From kids to old men, I heard them all say how fat I became. I was grossed out at every moment I viewed my reflection. And above all, I was alone.
And this is the worst thing one could experience after child birth, being lonely! I had my spouse and my family but they were too busy with the happiness of the new arrival and too occupied by their other issues of concern. And in those times, I would cry for hours until it all began to fall in place. Well, not just like that!

Postpartum weight loss

The stretch marks over my tummy were scary. I was sweating most of the time. My stomach was flabby. Breastfeeding was terrible and my baby was a bad sleeper.
I was confused for long. I texted old friends and new moms. Nobody helped until I learned there were only two things that mattered; letting go and trusting your own self.
I took one moment at a time. Letting it go, I learnt to vent out to my mother. She would not understand I was depressed, but she was a good listener. I gave it some time and it was soon I saw I was losing weight.
6 weeks and I felt better and then I knew I had to resume life. I shopped for my baby and I cooked food for my family. Lighter meals at night was my new routine. I walked for half an hour every day and stayed hydrated. And above all, I knew it would take time.

Postpartum weight loss becomes easy when you learn patience. And trust me, time flies. The first six months are hard and then you ace it. On my child’s first birthday, I had lost about 15 kg. And I knew I wanted my body back. I was adamant on being healthy. Yes that is what you want; a healthy lifestyle. Once you decide to lose weight, you know how you want to go about it. No shortcuts and no slimming teas. There is no magic without a side effect that will promise you losing weight. Instead, it is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle. And this is the key to maintaining weight without any repercussions.

How was your journey of postpartum weight loss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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